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Welcome to the website of "Haagse Hondjes" the dog walking service where every dog is walked individual. On this page we first would like to introduce ourselves to you.

On the picture on your right you see the two founders of this company. On the left, in the red coat, you see Tom. As son of an experienced dog-trainer, he is used to handle and take care for all kinds of dogs for the main part of his life. Smiling he says; "If I have to believe my parents, I grew up by eating dog food".

At the moment, after completing his university, he is working part-time for a big insurance firm. In the beginning of 2005 he decided it was time for a new challenge in his life and nothing could beat making a profession out of his biggest hobby, working with dogs. Tom has lots of experience with all kinds of dogs and is specialized in working with the big, more dominant species. But smaller dogs can also count on his love, attention and good care.

In the right on the picture, in the black coat stands Wijnand. Raised in a family where animals are at least, even important as people has he been familiar surrounded with dogs all of his life.

Famous in his family is the story that he, as a little boy, preferred sleeping in the dogs basket over his own bed.

After finishing his High School education he worked for the Dutch local police force and after that he has been busy for a long time in the retailing business.

At this time he is working as a graphic-designer and the main part of his job is designing and developing all kinds of different websites. Some time ago he also wanted to give his life a new meaning. After thorough examination he decided nothing could be more beautiful than working with animals, his biggest love in life. Wijnand has over thirty years experience in keeping and taking care of all different kind and types of dogs and cats.

We are sure we both have the right skills to take good care of your pet. Core notions are: patience, love, attention, involvement and experience. And you can be rest assured that these five points are present with us in very considerable extent.

Gladly we invite you to look around this website to get a first impression of our dog walking service and our unique approach.

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